About Heritage Living Trust

About Heritage Living Trust

Heritage Living Trust has specialized in producing high quality living trusts since our founding in 1989.

We’re a national company serving 49 states, nationwide. We’re headquartered on the West Coast with independent representatives in every state.

What is a living trust?

  • A living trust is an alternative to a Last Will & Testament.
  • It gives you total control over how and when your assets are distributed to your heirs.
  • It avoids the big legal fees and long courtroom delays that are inevitable when you use a will.

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We save you thousands in legal fees

Attorneys charge by the hour to prepare and update your trust. This results in a much higher price up front—often as high as $5000, or more—as well as several thousand more over the life of your trust for routine updates and amendments.

Heritage provides changes and ammendments to your trust—free—for the life of your trust, as well as free email and phone support.

This alone could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your trust versus having one made through an attorney, who charges by the hour for updates.

It is a good idea to review your living trust at least once a year to make any necessary changes. As a general rule, you should change your trust anytime it no longer states your exact wishes for the distribution of your estate.

Any big changes in your family, such as a marriage, divorce, death, or birth could justify a change in your trust. If your successor trustees or guardians can no longer fulfill their responsibilities, you should make changes to your appointments accordingly.

What our customers are saying

“The staff at Heritage is very knowledgeable, professional and have been a tremendous educator in the area of living trusts. Their trusts are superior to any others I’ve seen. It’s such a relief knowing that I have this level of expertise behind me.”

Don B., Iowa

“Since I began working with Heritage, they have demonstrated nothing but competence and professionalism. My questions and concerns have been addressed in a timely and complete manner, and always with respect and courtesy. Their efforts clearly show a genuine concern for those they serve.”

Nancy A., Arizona

Our FREE Living Trust Information Packet includes:

Free email course

Our 7-part course answers your biggest living trust questions, including:

  • What is a living trust?
  • What's so bad about using a will?
  • How to maintain your living trust.
  • How a Heritage Living Trust prepares you for medical emergencies.
  • How and when a living trust can help you save on taxes.

Free ebook

Get fast, plain-English answers to our most frequently asked questions:

  • How does a living trust save my heirs thousands in legal fees?
  • Why is a living trust better than a will? Do I need both?
  • Can’t I avoid probate by adding joint owners to my assets?
  • How do living trusts help reduce taxes?
  • Does transferring property into a Living Trust cause a reappraisal of the property so that property taxes are raised?

Free living will ($40+ value)

A living will lets you to write instructions to your doctors and family about:

  • Whether you want them to maintain life support if you become terminally ill or permenantly unconscious.
  • The extent to which they should exhaust all medical options before terminating life support.

Subscribe now to get:

  • FREE 7-part email course.
  • FREE ebook, Living Trusts Explained: 15 Top Questions Answered
  • FREE living will ($40+ value)
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