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What People Are Saying About Heritage Trust

"I have a close personal friend, who is now 90 years old. She had a trust from Heritage Living Trust created about 3 years ago and since that time has been diagnosed with dementia. A week ago, after checking herself out of the hospital, the public guardian filed for conservatorship, asking the probate court to appoint them, the public guardian, as her new caregiver/conservator. My friend has no family left, but due to her Trust which was created while she was of sound mind, declared her wishes as to who she wanted to serve as her conservator if the time ever came to when she would need to be conserved. Normally, a non-relative conservatorship would be fairly difficult to implement, but in this case, the named individual in her estate plan came to the court and told the court that they desire to serve as my friend's conservator and will accept that responsibility. This morning, the probate attorney and the public guardian agreed that the named individual in the estate plan created by Heritage has precedence, and that the trust was sufficient to place that individual as her conservator.

If it were not for her Heritage trust, she would be another case added to the already overloaded government workers conservatorship pile. Instead, an individual who she loves, and who loves her, is now fulfilling my friend's final wishes and providing for her the end of life care that she deserves after having worked hard for the past 90 years."       

R. Jones...California 


"Thank you Heritage Staff and Associates for providing the type of customer service a consumer only dreams of. I am so impressed with the accurate and timely response to my many questions and how everything is explained in terms I can understand. Most impressive is the ability to make changes to our trust at any time without an extra charge. I am confident that Heritage Trust has given me the security my family needs for the future."
 Z. Gibbs...Colorado

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"In 2003 when I was looking for someone to do my Living Trust, I found . I met with the staff at their office and we started the process. The service was and is above and beyond my expectations. In 2007, after marrying again, my husband and I had them set up a new A-B Trust, which we have amended several times since then, at no extra cost. We have been completely satisfied and send them Kudos for all their patience, hard work and professionalism." 
Chris and George S., Pacific Grove, California

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    A Living Trust Is The Most Loving Thing
    You Can Do For Your Family

    The most loving thing you can do for your family is to provide for their future security with a Living Trust. Many people don't realize that doing a Will is an invitation into Probate. That's right…if you have a Will you will most definitely go through the Probate process. Probate will cost your family 5% to 10% of the total GROSS value of your estate, and the Probate attorneys get most of that money. To illustrate the point, consider this; if you leave assets in your name in the amount of one million dollars (gross home value included), the Probate process alone will take $50,000 to $100,000 of your estate and that comes off the top before your family gets a penny. Wouldn't you rather your family receive that money? The answer is simple…when you do a Living Trust for your family you not only avoid the costs, delays, and heartache of putting them through Probate, but you give your children the added gift of all those Probate fees for their college education. You can see that doing a Will actually costs your family $100,000 using our example. A Living Trust not only saves the delays and costs of Probate but it also provides several other important benefits. With a Living Trust you are able to pre-determine who will care for your minor children or who will care for you in your old age when you can no longer take care of yourself. In either case it would normally require the action of a Conservatorship Court to determine those issues…but not with a Living Trust. You avoid the courts and can appoint those caretakers in advance saving your family once again all the heartache of such procedures. A Living Trust also provides Healthcare Power of Attorneys and a Living Will which is your dying instructions to your family. Don't put your family at this kind of risk. Do it NOW…for your family's sake.


    Guiding People Just Like You

    The Heritage Companies have been guiding people just like you through the process of protecting their family's from the heartaches of Probate for 25 years. The thing that makes our company different is that we really care about our clients on a personal level. We make the process of setting up a Living Trust as easy as it can get. Every Heritage Living Trust is customized for the state you live in. We are proud of our A+ Accedited Business rating from the Better Business Bureau and we have never had a client complaint. Best of all we save you thousands of dollars in legal fees by providing Free ongoing help and support, funding assistance, and Free lifetime changes for every trust we create. Our site contains valuable information resources that will protect your family and save you thousands of dollars. We also encourage you to invest in your future security and profit from this expert information. To receive a free report on protecting your assets from lawsuits and legal attachments, plus six online lessons on how to achieve this protection, go to

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    Heritage does not market, sell, or recommend any financial products, insurance, annuities, or investments. We do not sell or share our client contacts with anyone...ever! We do trusts and other forms of estate planning for the protection and preservation of assets...and that is all we do....and we do it very well. While our estate planning products and services often provide legitimate legal reduction of some taxes, we do not provide services or solutions intended for the sole purpose of tax avoidance or relief from tax difficulties.



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