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What People Are Saying About Heritage Trust

"I have a close personal friend, who is now 90 years old. She had a trust from Heritage Living Trust created about 3 years ago and since that time has been diagnosed with dementia. A week ago, after checking herself out of the hospital, the public guardian filed for conservatorship, asking the probate court to appoint them, the public guardian, as her new caregiver/conservator. My friend has no family left, but due to her Trust which was created while she was of sound mind, declared her wishes as to who she wanted to serve as her conservator if the time ever came to when she would need to be conserved. Normally, a non-relative conservatorship would be fairly difficult to implement, but in this case, the named individual in her estate plan came to the court and told the court that they desire to serve as my friend's conservator and will accept that responsibility. This morning, the probate attorney and the public guardian agreed that the named individual in the estate plan created by Heritage has precedence, and that the trust was sufficient to place that individual as her conservator.

If it were not for her Heritage trust, she would be another case added to the already overloaded government workers conservatorship pile. Instead, an individual who she loves, and who loves her, is now fulfilling my friend's final wishes and providing for her the end of life care that she deserves after having worked hard for the past 90 years."       

R. Jones...California 


"Thank you Heritage Staff and Associates for providing the type of customer service a consumer only dreams of. I am so impressed with the accurate and timely response to my many questions and how everything is explained in terms I can understand. Most impressive is the ability to make changes to our trust at any time without an extra charge. I am confident that Heritage Trust has given me the security my family needs for the future."
 Z. Gibbs...Colorado

- - -

"In 2003 when I was looking for someone to do my Living Trust, I found . I met with the staff at their office and we started the process. The service was and is above and beyond my expectations. In 2007, after marrying again, my husband and I had them set up a new A-B Trust, which we have amended several times since then, at no extra cost. We have been completely satisfied and send them Kudos for all their patience, hard work and professionalism." 
Chris and George S., Pacific Grove, California

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    I Have A Sure Fire Cure For Cancer

    Yep, I have a sure fire cure for Cancer. No surgery, no chemo, no radiation every time. All you have to do is fill out some forms and cut me a check. Costs $1895.00 one time for any kind of Cancer and its completely legal. 100% Guaranteed!


    Human Nature is a funny thing. We've become so apathetic that we don’t believe anything. We're cynical about everything. If you were handing out $100 bills on the corner very few people would take them. If the above paragraph were true, how many takers do you think I would get before the FDA, the FBI, the SEC, the IRS, and every other government acronym would come down on me. Even those dying with Cancer would turn their backs even though their very life depended on the cure.


    Cancer is a horrific thing. My wife fought it for 12 years through three reoccurrances AND BEAT IT! It's been 15 years without any Cancer now and she is healthy and vital. But Cancer is a “whole family disease”, it effects everybody in the family in a profound way for years. But you are fighting for your life so you make the sacrifices and you fight like hell because the alternative is horrible and unacceptable!


    Still, there is a large segment of the population out there that smokes like a chimney...some of them knowing they have Cancer already. Some are terribly obese, some drink way too much. We are trying to commit suicide by smoking and eating ourselves to death. Cancer and Heart Disease kills more people in this country EVERY YEAR than the total that died in the entire Viet Nam War. That many die every year just from auto accidents for heavens sake. 


    Where I'm going with this is this...we do the same thing with our families when it comes to our financial lives. By sheer ignorance, apathy and procrastination we neglect everything we should do to guarantee a cure for financial Cancer and devastation of our families. I DO have that cure just like it says in the first paragraph and it is legal and it doesn’t cost more than $1,895.00 total forever!

    It is a Living Trust. It cures the Cancer of Probate, the Cancer of Capital Gains, the Cancer of excessive Estate Taxes, the Cancer of family confusion at your death regarding your intentions and it works every time...Guaranteed!

    All you have to do is DO IT! Don’t wait...DO IT NOW!  My brother in law died from Cancer at age 48. My father in law died instantly at age 44 from a heart attack while sitting in his living room waiting for his ride to work. Don’t wait! 

    DO IT NOW!


    If this sounds like a rant it probably is but it’s a rant packed with truth. It frustrates me to talk to families who just waited too long until there is nothing they can do about it. Too late really is TOO LATE!


    Call me at 888-437-8778

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